Who Wears Whole Body Dosimeters?

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    At the University of Washington the following groups are required to be issued and wear whole body dosimeters:

    • Diagnostic x-ray work such as radiologists, cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons, and x-ray technologists.

    • Nuclear medicine workers.

    • Radiation Oncology staff and physicians.

    • Nursing staff caring for patients who are have 30 or more mCi of material implanted or administered to them.

    • Sealed gamma sources that are greater than 10 mCi.

    • Researchers using more than 10 mCi/week of high energy beta emitters or any gamma emitters.

  • Contact the RSO at 206.543.0463 if you have questions about being issued dosimeters.

  • Researchers who try to order quantities of radioactive materials that require dosimeters will not receive their material until dosimeters have been issued.

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