Internal Radiation Exposure Protection

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  • Bad habits are the primary cause of accidental ingestion or inhalation of radioactive materials.

  • Seventy to eighty percent of accidental exposure to RAM is related to eating and drinking in the labs. Remember there is No Eating, Drinking or Smoking permitted in RAM labs.

  • Do not mix lab materials with food or drinks, either in the labs or in freezers or refrigerators.

  • Habits such as tobacco/gum chewing, application of cosmetics/chap stick, chewing on pens, or curling hair with your fingers are habits that increase the chance of personal contamination.

  • Never use lab ware for food or drinks.

  • Don't use food or drink containers for any HAZMAT. They are not designed for that purpose and could be accidentally ingested.

  • Example: An AUI was carrying 2 mCi of C-14 in a coffee cup. He stopped for a latte and put the cup down. He left with his latte and didn't realize he had left the C-14 at the coffee stand. Luckily the material was labeled and the RSO was called. The AUI, when called, was unaware of the fact the C-14 was left unsecured. His habit of always carrying one coffee cup led to this incident.

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