Radiosensitivity of Mammalian Cells

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    The faster a cell can divide the more sensitive it is to radiation. More reproductive ability increases the chances of damage to a cell's DNA and other structures from exposure to radiation. On the other hand, the longer it takes a cell to divide or, if it is non-dividing, the harder it is to damage with radiation. Non-dividing cells such as mature red blood corpuscles are extremely radioresistant. Since they have no nuclei, only enough radiation to damage their cell membranes or proteins can hurt or kill them.

    The following is a list of cell types from most radiosensitive to least radiosensitive.
    1. Lymphocytes

    2. Bone marrow cells
    3. Gonadal germ cells
    4. Lens of the eye
    5. Lung tissue cells
    6. Renal tubules
    7. Squamous epithelium
    8. Skin epithelium
    9. Bone
    10. Muscle
    11. Nerve
    12. Mature red blood corpuscles

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