Temporary Implants Part Two

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Safe handling and shielding instructions in case of a dislodged source:

If Cs-137 or Ir-192 seeds are found outside the patient, leave the source where it is and contact the RSO or Radiation Oncology. They will use forceps to place the source(s) into a lead container. Both forceps and a lead container will be placed in the patient room (usually in the bathroom) by the Radiation Oncology staff. If sources are found outside the patient, contact the RSO and Radiation Oncology immediately.

Patient control:

Patients are restricted to their rooms while the seeds remain implanted. Once the seeds are removed and RSO has performed a survey to verify that no seeds remain, radiation precautions and patient restrictions are no longer necessary.

Visitor control:

No visitors that are under 18 years of age or are pregnant should enter the room. Other visitors are limited as to the time they may stay in the room and to the distance they must maintain from the patient, depending on the radiation level of the patient. All visitors are encouraged to stay behind shielding whenever possible, especially if they plan to stay for longer periods of time. The room will be mapped out on the patient information form on the door, and radiation levels will be noted for each of the room.

Room set-up:

Bed-side lead shields will be placed around the patient's bed. Patient care instructions will be posted at the entrance of the patient's room.

Patient Release:

Once the seeds have been removed, the patient is no longer restricted to their room

Safety concern:

These patients do not become contaminated in any way and only present a radiological concern when the sources are implanted. The concern is due to the sources themselves and not from the patient.


External exposure precautions only (see the "Basic Radiation Safety" section)

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