Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Part Three

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Room set-up:

A shield will be provided and placed in the appropriate area for maximally effective shielding. The floor, furniture, and other objects the patient may touch will be covered in plastic to minimize the time needed to clean the room after the patient leaves. Gloves, gowns and shoe covers will be located near the entrance to the patient's room. Patient care instructions will be posted at the entrance of the patient's room.

Patient's bed    Patient's room   

Patient's bed              Patient Room Floor


                      Chair for Patient                         Toilet covered to prevent Contamination 

Betadine is provided to put on the rim and inside of the toilet bowl to help prevent porcelain contamination.

Patient Release:

When the patient is below the applicable radiation level the Radiation Safety staff will notify the nurse providing care and make an indication of the radiation level in the patient's chart. The Nuclear Medicine supervisor will also be notified.

Safety concern:

These patients present two different concerns:

  • radiation emitted from the I-131 while in the patient's body (external hazard) and 
  • the patient's bodily fluids contain I-131 which may be transferred to others unless proper precautions are followed.


External and internal exposure precautions (see the "Basic Radiation Safety" section).

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