Permanent Implants Part Two

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Safe handling and shielding instructions in case of a dislodged source:

If a seed is found call the Radiation Safety Office or Radiation Oncology immediately. Forceps and lead container are kept in the patient's bathroom and can be used by nursing staff to pick up and secure the seed(s) until removed by RSO staff.

Patient control:

These patients may be housed with other patients undergoing the same type of treatment and are not restricted to their room during their stay.

Visitor control:

No visitors that are under 18 years of age or pregnant should enter the room.

Room set-up:

No special equipment is needed. Patient care instructions will be posted at the entrance of the patient's room.

Patient Release:

From a radiation safety standpoint, patients may be released from the hospital at any time, but are usually kept overnight for medical reasons.

Safety concern:

These patients do not become contaminated in any way and present a minor radiological concern before the sources decay. The concern is due to the sources themselves and not from the patient. Because the energy of the radiation emitted from the seeds is very low energy, most of the radiation is absorbed in the patient and doesn't present a hazard to the staff. Radiation levels are normally at the background level beyond 1 meter from the patient.


External exposure precautions only (see the "Basic Radiation Safety" section)

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