Dosimeters Part Two

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Nurses on wards where radiation patients are treated are  issued Luxel dosimeters only.  Nurses on other floors that care exclusively for patients with permanent implants do not receive dosimeters. This is because any dose received would be far below regulatory monitoring requirements.

Visitors will not be given dosimeters since their exposure is limited through the procedures outlined in this manual.

Dose results are sent to each area monthly and are also available from Radiation Safety at any time upon request.

What are my dose limits! (Additional information can be found in the University of Washington Radiation Safety Manual Section 6-5) .

Annual Radiation Dose Limits


  • Total effective dose equivalent equal to 5,000 mrem (5 rem), and no individual organ dose (e.g., thyroid) greater than 50,000 mrem (50 rem)
  • Skin and extremities = 50,000 mrem (50 rem)
  • Exception: Lens of eye = 15,000 mrem (15 rem)
  • Embryo/Fetus of Declared Radiation Worker = 500 mrem (0.5 rem) for gestational period

General Public

  • General Public = 100 mrem (0.1 rem)

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