Radiation Safety Office (RSO)

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RSO is the operational arm of the University Radiation Safety Committee and is responsible for developing and carrying out a radiation safety program that ensures the safe use of ionizing radiation, and compliance with regulations.

RSO performs routine quality control and radiation safety testing on the x-ray equipment at your facility. These tests verify that your x-ray machines comply with applicable rules and regulations, and that a consistent level of image quality is provided to the patients, while maintaining a low radiation dose. In addition, Radiation Safety provides personnel training, and, when needed, personnel monitoring devices.

RSO also provides facility radiation shielding evaluations and testing for new construction and renovations. To ensure compliance with applicable regulations, it is imperative that Radiation Safety be involved in the planning stages of all construction and renovation of x-ray facilities.

RSO has health physicists on staff ready to answer your questions. We urge you to call for assistance if you have any uncertainties regarding the topics covered in this manual, or have any other concerns. Radiation Safety can be reached at 206.616.5564.

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