Dental Radiation Protection Part Three

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Technique Charts

A technique chart must be posted in the vicinity of each control panel. The technique chart indicates what x-ray machine settings to use for various x-ray examinations. For dental facilities the technique chart must include:

  1. The patient's body part and anatomical size (or age, for pediatrics), versus technique factors (kVp, mA, seconds) to be utilized.
  2. The type and size of film or film-screen combination.
  3. The type of grid, if any (grids are typically not used in dental radiography).
  4. The type and location of patient shielding, such as gonadal shielding.
  5. Source to image receptor distance, except for dental intra-oral radiography, or when there is a single fixed source to image receptor distance.

Many newer x-ray systems have these parameters electronically programmed into the control panel. If this is the case, a separate technique chart will not be needed. However, if any of the above items is NOT listed on the control panel, a posting must be made to account for this.

For instance many control panels allow the user to select from pre-programmed techniques for various film types (type E, type D, etc...). A posting would need to be made near the control panel to indicate the type of film used at the facility.

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