Dental Radiation Protection Part Two

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Gonadal Shielding

A lead apron should be draped over the patient to shield the patient's body.

Failure of the Timer Device to Terminate an X-ray Exposure

All medical x-ray devices are manufactured such that removing pressure from the x-ray activation switch will cause termination of the x-ray production. In the event that the automatic timer on an x-ray machine does not halt the exposure after the preset time interval, immediately remove pressure from the x-ray activation switch. This will halt the x-ray production. In addition, immediately turn off the power to the x-ray machine, and post a sign stating that the machine is malfunctioning, and may not be used.

Notify your supervisor, clinical engineering and Radiation Safety. Discontinue use of the machine until has been evaluated by a qualified expert or service engineer.

Reporting Unsafe Conditions

Personnel have the responsibility for maintaining a safe workplace. Employees must promptly report to their supervisor or Radiation Safety any of the following:

  • Suspected unsafe conditions.
  • Any condition which may lead to or cause a violation of the Washington Administrative Codes. (WAC 246-225)
  • Any condition which may cause unnecessary exposure to radiation.

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