Personnel Dosimetry

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When provided, personnel dosimeters are worn to measure the radiation doses received by radiation workers. They do not protect personnel from radiation. Since dental personnel are not likely to receive 10% of the dose limit, personnel dosimeters are not required. However, if they are provided to you, personnel dosimeters should be worn on the upper half of the torso (i.e., between the waist and shoulders). Finger Ring dosimeters are only used if the exposure to the hands and fingers would be much greater then exposure to the whole body such as holding a film in a patient's mouth while an x-ray is generated. Dental personnel should never be put in a position where they are required to hold films while the x-ray beam is on. If you have concerns about this call Radiation Safety at 206.543.0463.

When not being used, dosimeters should be stored in an area that is free of radiation sources or temperature extremes. Dosimeters must be promptly returned to the area dosimeter coordinator at the end of the monitoring period. Lost badges, or badges known to have been accidentally exposed (dosimeters left in the x-ray area) should be reported to Radiation Safety as soon as possible so replacement dosimeters can be issued.

For more information see the Radiation Safety Manual, Section 6.

Whole Body Dosimeter

Extremity (Finger Ring) Dosimeter

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