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Collimation is the act of restricting the size of the useful x-ray field to the region of clinical interest. Doing so will reduce the radiation dose to the patient. Proper collimation can also improve the contrast of the image by reducing the amount of scattered radiation.

Dental Intra-oral x-ray units

For units operating above 50 kVp (all units at this facility fall into this category).

The x-ray unit is designed such that the diameter of the x-ray beam is restricted to no more than 7 centimeters.

Cephalometric x-ray units

The x-ray field must not exceed the size of the image receptor (film). Periodically inspect the edges of the patient images. The x-ray field should not exceed the edge of the film in ANY direction. If the x-ray field does exceed an edge of the film, notify Radiation Safety for evaluation.

Panoramic x-ray units

The x-ray beam must fall within the aperture slit in front of the film. As with the cephalometric units, the patient films should be inspected to verify that the x-ray beam is contained within the film. If not, notify Radiation Safety for evaluation.

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