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The University of Washington makes efforts to ensure that radiation doses to personnel are maintained As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). Personnel dosimetry records are reviewed monthly or quarterly by a Health Physicist, and are compared with the ALARA trigger level, which is set to 10% of the regulatory limit for whole body exposures.

Exposures in excess of 1% of the regulatory limits for Dental X-ray Workers are investigated since most of them receive little or no exposure.

If an employee's dosimetry results have a reading in excess of a trigger level, an investigation is performed to identify the circumstances surrounding the reading. An ALARA investigation will typically include: review of the employee's past dose history and work habits; any potential exposure from other sources (e.g., employee had a chest x-ray and forgot to remove dosimeter) and when deemed appropriate, refresher radiation safety training and recommendations on how to modify procedures to reduce radiation doses.

No dental worker has exceeded an ALARA Investigation Level at the University of Washington.

More information can be found in the University of Washington Radiation Safety Manual ALARA Program

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