Ordering Radioactive Material at UW

Most radioactive material (RAM) ordered at UW is shipped to the Radiation Safety Office in the Health Sciences Building, Room T274. It is then delivered to the research labs by Radiation Safety Technicians. This ensures that all packages are free of contamination and are properly inventoried. Before ordering radioactive material, a user must first possess a Radioactive Material Use Authorization (RMUA).

Authorization - How to Obtain

Obtaining a new authorization to use radioactive material at the UW can be a detailed process and many factors are considered. Typically it is the Principal Investigator of a laboratory that carries the RAM authorization for that lab. If you are interested in obtaining such an authorization, please call 206.543.0463 or e-mail: radsaf@uw.edu for information.

Once an authorization is in place, the radionuclides and quantities allowed to be possessed at any one time will be established. As new radioactive material is ordered and disposed, a running total of the authorization's inventory is maintained by Radiation Safety. Items are added to users' inventories when they are checked in, and removed when the user submits the Radioactive Material Usage Record (Form 160).

Ordering Radioactive Material

  • Log into Ariba.
  • Review the Guide for Ordering Radioactive Items from Perkin Elmer or the Guide for Ordering Radioactive Items from Other Vendors for instructions of how to place radioactive orders in Ariba.
  • To expedite the process, list the "Ship To" location as Radiation Safety (just type "radiation" and it should show up) and the "Deliver To" field as the person you would like the material delivered to (even though it asks for a lab). Put the PI's name and lab delivery location in the comments section. Orders received before 11:00 am will be processed the same business day.
  • The Radiation Safety Office verifies that the Authorized Investigator is authorized for the type and quantity of radioactive material desired.
  • The vendor ships the item to Radiation Safety's receiving office (T274, Health Sciences Building, 206.543.6328) where it is logged into the UW Radioactive Materials database.
  • Once all of the day's incoming boxes are logged in, they are distributed to the labs by Radiation Safety.

If the lab requesting new material is not authorized for the radionuclide in question, or if the new order will exceed the activity limits of the authorization, the lab will be contacted by Radiation Safety.

The most common problem with ordering new RAM is exceeding activity limits which is easily solved by disposing of material currently on-hand. Typically the material on-hand has already been disposed of, but the disposal forms (Form 160) have not yet been sent to Radiation Safety. If a need can be demonstrated, it is also possible to increase the limit set for a lab's authorization.