Notes on a Good Survey


Focus on work areas where RAM is used;

Focus on heavily trafficked areas, particularly common places where people put their hands (e.g. telephones, chair backs, pencils, computers, door knobs, drawer handles);

Elements of your Survey Form:

  • Name of room/building surveyed
  • Surveyor's name or initials
  • Date
  • Map of area surveyed (Can use a single map for multiple surveys)
  • Serial number of instrument used
  • Background reading for that day
  • Results of survey
  • Record of any action(s) taken for contamination

Very Important!!

If no radioactive material was used in a laboratory during a month, a survey of that space is not required. However, the following statement, or a substantially similar statement, accompanied by the date of the entry must be made on the laboratory survey log, "No radioactive material use - no survey required."