Radioactive Decay Calculator Help

The Radioactive Decay Calculator has the following features:

Selecting an isotope: to use the calculator's equations you need to first select an isotope. Simply find the isotope of interest on the list, highlight it by clicking it once, and click the select button. The isotope's half-life is displayed. Choosing another isotope from the list clears the form below.

If your isotope is not on the list: all of the decay equations require the selected isotope's half-life. Instead of referring to the isotope databank, they actually use the value shown in the Half-life textbox. This means that if your isotope is not in the databank, you can still use the equations. Just enter the isotope's half-life in the Half-life textbox and the appropriate time units (h, d or y) in the small textbox to the right. If the half-life is in minutes you should convert it to hours; if it is in exponential form you have to enter it in full. For example, 1.2 * 104 y would be entered as 12000 y.