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Welcome to the UW Laboratory Safety Manual (LSM). Please bookmark this page electronically or print a copy of the complete LSM and make it available to laboratory staff. Staff in UW laboratories using hazardous chemicals must have access to a copy of the manual and the supplemental laboratory specific information.

If you need a paper copy, a UW Copy Center can print a copy of the pages in the manual and/or tabs, front cover, and spine at cost. Use this online form to order.

The manual is updated annually in September. Refer to the log of changes to review recent changes. If you have any questions about the manual or its contents, please email the UW chemical hygiene officer in the EH&S Department or call at (206) 616-3778.

Links to LSM Sections

  Quick Start Guide
  Table of Contents                                                                                                                 
Section 1 Chemical Hygiene Plan Responsibilities
Section 2 Chemical Management
Section 3 Chemical Waste Management
Section 4 Laboratory Equipment and Facilities
Section 5 Employee Health and PPE
Section 6 Standard Operating Procedures
Section 7 Safety Training
Section 8 Record Keeping
Section 9 Emergency Preparedness and Response
Section 10 Moving In/Moving Out 
Appendix A WAC 296-828 Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories
Appendix B Glossary
Appendix C Templates for Lab Specific Information
Appendix D Example Standard Operating Procedures (see Example SOPs below)
Appendix E Checklists
Appendix F Resources for Laboratory Personnel
Appendix G Gloves
Appendix H Particularly Hazardous Substances

Templates and Examples

Laboratory Safety Training Matrix (PDF)
Example SOPs

Lab Safety Manual

Laboratory Safety Manual
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