Diving Safety Program

About Diving Safety Program

The Diving Safety Program assists faculty, staff and students in safely using SCUBA as a tool to conduct underwater research. There are between 60 to 80 divers at any one time, conducting 1800 - 2000 dives per year. These divers include visitors from all over the world. The majority of our dives are conducted at the University's Friday Harbor Lab at http://depts.washington.edu/fhl/, although we have conducted diving projects all over the globe.


Anyone diving under the University of Washington's auspices must be certified as a University of Washington Scientific Diver and adhere to the standards set forth in the Diving Safety Manual. To become a research diver you must meet the requirements listed in Section 3 of the Diving Safety Manual. For more information contact the Diving Safety Officer at 206.616.3776, or sublett@uw.edu.

Diving Database

Divers are required to record and maintain their dive logs and personal data on the AAUS Dive Log Database available at http://washington.diveaaus.com/User/User_Login.asp . Please contact the Diving Safety Officer at sublett@uw.edu for more information.

Diving Safety Manual

University of Washington Diving Safety Manual (pdf) links to a PDF (Adobe Acrobat required) formatted manual. Contains UW requirements for conducting research using SCUBA.

Diving Standards

The University of Washington follows the diving standards set by the American Academy of Underwater Sciences at http://www.aaus.org (AAUS). The AAUS Diving Safety Manual is recognized by OSHA as the guidelines for all scientific diving.

Reporting Diving Safety Concerns

The University of Washington is committed to safe research diving. If you observe potentially unsafe practices or conditions or have questions, please feel free to report to any of the following Diving Safety Representatives. Reports can be made anonymously. Sam Sublett, UW Diving Safety Officer: 206.616.3776 or sublett@uw.edu , Pema Kitaeff, Diving Officer at Friday Harbor Labs: 206.543.0876 or pema@uw.edu .

Supplemental Dive Accident Insurance

All student divers not employed by the university and UW employees who dive outside of work for personal reasons are strongly recommended to have Diver Alert Network (DAN) dive accident insurance or other medical insurance covering hyperbaric treatment and emergency medical evacuation assistance.

On-campus Resources

The University's Diving Medical Officer is Dr. Edmond Kay. You should visit his Diving Medicine at http://faculty.washington.edu/ekay page.