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Waste Disposal
Waste Reduction


This online course focuses on hazardous waste management for clinical and hospital staff.

This chemical waste management training highlights the most common violations found in laboratories and provides guidance for:

  • Identification of hazardous waste
  • Proper hazardous waste container management
  • Hazardous waste pick-up and disposal procedures
  • Hazardous waste reduction

What you need to know:

  • This training is approximately 30 pages long. Please note the time you begin - we will request that you let us know how long you spent in the training.
  • Use the Previous and Next buttons at top to navigate through the screens. You can use the sidebar at any time to go back and study during the training portion of the course. However, the sidebar will not help you with the three sample questions that work sequentially. If you answer them incorrectly, you will be sent back to the question page. If you answer them correctly, you'll be sent on to the next slide.
  • You will need your UWNetID, student or staff ID number, and supervisor name and email at the end of the course to complete the registration process and to have the choice to print a certificate.
  • A record of your completion of the course will be emailed to you and your supervisor and will be maintained by EH&S.

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