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Examples of Permit-Required Confined Spaces

In the following examples of PRCS you will notice some of the spaces are similar to examples shown under non-permit-required spaces. The difference is an additional activity that introduces a hazard makes the following confined spaces require a permit for entry.

confined space Lift stations have a high potential for containing hazardous atmospheres from sewage or excess humidity. Explosive methane gas, sulfides, or a lack of oxygen can build up in these spaces. Several lift stations contain fans. However, air monitoring should always be conducted prior to entering.

Location: Husky Stadium lift station
confined space Although ventilation systems for buildings do not contain hazardous atmospheres, fume hood exhaust can contain toxic chemicals or biohazards..

Location: Magnuson Health Sciences, fume hood manifold
confined space Storage tanks of any kind should be considered to contain a hazardous atmosphere, no matter what size.

Location:Harris Hydraulics lab storage tank
confined space The large boilers in the Power Plant require three days to ventilate to allow them to cool enough to enter. Heat is one of the main hazards present.

Location: Power Plant boiler
confined space Steam pipes and hot water pipes can be hazardous, especially when leaking. Chases can contain electrical and other physical hazards. Lock out/Tag out must be used when working in or around such hazards

Location: Anderson Hall mechanical space (pipe chase)
confined space The sloped or converging floor makes this a permitted space.

Location: Power Plant, adjacent boiler space
confined space Extreme rust can identify a possible hazardous atmosphere. Metal oxidation can deplete oxygen leaving the space without breathable air. If this space were to be cleaned, painted, or repaired through welding, such actions can deplete oxygen as well. Or it can introduce a flammable or toxic chemical into the atmosphere.

Location: Harris Hydraulics lab storage tank
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