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Permit-Required Confined Spaces

You must take the 12-hour Confined Space Entry course and follow specific protocols to be authorized to enter these types of spaces.

A confined space (CS) that has one or more of the following characteristics is a permit-required confined space (PRCS).

Permit Required Confined Space
  • Contains or has a potential to contain a *hazardous atmosphere
  • Contains a material that has the potential for engulfing an entrant
  • Has an internal configuration such that an entrant could be trapped or asphyxiated by inwardly converging walls or by a floor which slopes downward and tapers to a smaller cross-section
  • Contains any other recognized serious safety or health hazards

*Hazardous Atmosphere: an atmosphere that may expose employees to the risk of death, incapacitation, injury, impairment of the ability to self-rescue (that is, escape unaided from a permit space), or acute illness. Examples are toxic chemicals, smoke, or a lack of enough oxygen.

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