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Examples of Non-Permitted Confined Spaces

wall opening Limited entry and egress with the wall opening three feet off the floor.

Location: wall opening to air intake of ventilation system
mechanical space Although large enough to enter, exiting would be difficult without a ladder or a tripod/winch and winch to lift the person out of the opening.

Location: sump collection in mechanical space under building
mechanical space This shows limited access/egress to enter or exit the space.

Location: UW Tower T, mechanical space
utility vault Unless you are a spider, this is not designed for continuous occupancy.

Location: Waterfront Activity Center vault
condensate pump area Although designed to enter via a ladder, this space is not designed for continuous occupancy.

Location: Health Sciences T-wing condensate pump area
electrical vault Although shallow (about three feet deep), this space could be difficult to work in and has limited egress.

Location: Electrical and Communications vault
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