Environmental Health and Safety

Confined Space Awareness Supplement

CS Regulations
CS Examples
Non-Permitted CS
Non-Permitted Ex.
Permit Req'd CS
Permit Req'd Ex.
Permit Req'd Signs


This online course supplements the Bongarde Safety Smart Confined Space Awareness module. Once you have completed the Bongarde training, you will be prepared to take this course. The Confined Space Awareness Supplement is to help employees:

  1. Understand the difference between confined spaces (CS) and permit-required confined spaces (PRCS) at UW;
  2. Recognize common confined spaces that may be encountered on the UW campus;
  3. Recognize permanent permit-required confined spaces that exist on campus; and
  4. Understand that confined spaces could become permit-required confined spaces due to hazards they may create.

About This Course

  • Allow for 10 to 15 minutes in one sitting to review the entire course.
  • If you exit the training course before completion, you must start again at the beginning.
  • The course has two parts, an informational section and a question and answer section.
  • Simply page through all slides and read the information to complete the course


This supplement does not provide you with sufficient training to enter a permit-required confined space. For that you must take the 3-day, 12-hour "Confined Space Entry - Classroom" course. See www.ehs.washington.edu/psotrain/corsdesc.shtm for more details and registration.