What's New

September 24, 2015

The September edition of EH&S News is now available:

  • Time for a Lab Freezer Cleanout?
  • How to Prepare Your Lab for Chemical Spills
  • New Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) Policy
  • Choose Your Health and Safety Committee Representative
  • New Lab Recycling Guide
  • Staff Spotlight: Sam Sublett
  • Events and Announcements: Laboratory Safety Seminar, EH&S at Dawg Daze, Newly Updated PI Guide, Training Transcript Update

June Newsletter

June 23, 2015

The June edition of EH&S News is now available:

  • What to Expect if an Inspector Visits Your Work Area
  • Gear Up for Summer Lab Work
  • New Rates for Radioactive Waste Disposal and Radiation Detector Calibration
  • Help Prevent West Nile Virus
  • Staff Spotlight: Christa Gorski
  • Events and Announcements

April Newsletter

April 23, 2015

The April edition of EH&S News is now available:

  • Lesson Learned: Nitrogen and Lithium Can Be Incompatible
  • New UW Shop Safety Program
  • New Lockout/Tagout Program to Protect UW Workers from Hazards
  • Disaster Response Teams Practice in Old Nuclear Reactor
  • Safety Portal Consolidates UW Safety Resources
  • Staff Spotlight: Ellen Morley
  • Announcements: Worker Memorial Day Event and CSHEMA Conference

February Newsletter

February 24, 2015

The February edition of EH&S News is now available:

  • How to Safely Use Extension Cords
  • Take Care of Your Heart
  • 2014 UW Work-Related Injury and Illness Summaries Now Online
  • Staff Spotlight: Erin McKeown
  • What's New: Work Safely with Cyanides
  • Announcements: EH&S Expert Talks About Ergonomics at UW


January 27th, 2015

The MyChem database moved to a new server on 1/27/15. The web address http://mychem.ehs.washington.edu will automatically redirect to the new server address https://cspc.admin.uw.edu/mychem/.

December Newsletter

December 19, 2014

The December edition of EH&S News is now available:

  • Happy Holidays From EH&S
  • How to Prepare for an Emergency in Your Building
  • Beware the Scamper of Little Feet: Avoiding Rats and Mice
  • Staying Healthy During Flu Season
  • Staff Spotlight: Mike Zittle
  • What's New: Tent Permits and 2014 Safety Manual Revisions

Print your own Safety Training Certificates

So you want a safety training certificate for the Asbestos class you took last week, well now you can print a copy for yourself! Simply follow the link to My EH&S Training, and you can print certificates for classes (with about one week delay) you have taken through Environmental Health and Safety. Enjoy!

UW Digital Security Certificate

A number of commonly used applications on the EH&S website, including but not limited to OARS Version 2 and the online General Asbestos Awareness Training, generate errors if your computer does not have the UW security certificate loaded. If, when attempting to access one of these applications, you get an error message indicating that the security certificate is invalid or unknown, then go to http://www.washington.edu/itconnect/security/securing-computer/install/ for instructions on how to update your computer's security certificate. This same certificate will also work for many other University applications.