Health and Safety Committees (HSC)

Health & Safety Committee Structure

The University of Washington has established 11 Organizational Health and Safety Committees. Each of the organizational unit committees look at the accident / incident reports pertinent to their area for evaluation and resolution of any on-going issues. Elections are held every two years.

The Seattle campus is divided into 9 Organizational Committees by department or unit. The branch campuses each have their own Organizational Committees which, when taken with Seattle committees, make a total of 11. These organizational committees each send two representatives to a University-Wide Health and Safety Committee referred to as the "U-Wide."

  • Membership Roster -- Representatives and meeting information for all groups.

  • Expanded Committee Information -- Find the Committee that represents your work area and how you can participate. Click here to get rosters, organizations within each committee, committee websites, and Executive Sponsors.


Safety Committee Elections

The Department of Labor and Industries requires annual employee elections for Health and Safety Committees. The University of Washington has a variance allowing elections every two years. Staff or faculty, whether full-time, temporary, hourly, or student workers, are eligible to participate.

In 2010 a committee was added to represent the new College of the Environment. Also, an existing committee was divided in half to create a new committee to represent Harborview Medical Center, the UW Medical Center, and other units in UW Medicine.

For more information you may contact the Chairs for the Organizational Health & Safety Committee that represents your organization:

  1. Administrative and Other Academic Programs (Leslie Anderson 221-6482)
  2. Finance and Facilities (Paula Lukaszek 221-2887)
  3. Student Life (Paul Zuchowski 543-8133)
  4. Health Sciences (Bob Ennes 543-6114)
  5. College of Built Environments (Meegan Amen 616-2439)
  6. College of Arts and Sciences (John Martin 543-0748)
  7. UW Bothell (Nicole Sanderson 425-352-3137)
  8. UW Tacoma (Stephen Rondeau 253-692-5710)
  9. College of Engineering (Michael Glidden 685-2105)
  10. College of the Environment (David Zuckerman 543-8008)
  11. Reserved
  12. UW Medicine (Liz Kindred 744-7244)

The UW election process is closely coordinated by the organizational committee's Election Coordinator, generally a management appointee, who assures that all UW employees have the opportunity to participate in the election. EH&S has developed training for safety committees and made available centralized materials, references, and assistance. Web-based tools are available through Catalyst.

Guidelines for the Biennial Organizational Health and Safety Committee Process


University Wide HS Committee

The University-Wide (U-Wide) Health and Safety Committee is comprised of member representation from each of the 11 Organizational Health and Safety Committees, along with a Faculty Senate and union representation and ex-officio members.

See the University's Administrative Policy Statement (APS) 10.11, for detailed information on the Health and Safety Committees. If you have suggestions or ideas about how safety can be improved at UW, please send a note to our Suggestion Box.