Protecting Floor Tiles

Keep your office space and lab area looking nice by protecting your floors. Resilient floor tiles can contain low percentages of asbestos, bound into a matrix that reduces the potential for release of fibers. Some of the floor tiles are over 80 years old, a testament to their durability. Over time however, the wear and tear on floors by rolling or sliding chairs and moving furniture or equipment can damage these floor tiles. Damaged tiles can release particles that may include asbestos fibers.

To prevent floor tile damage, EH&S and Facilities Services request that departments purchase floor mats to protect resilient floor coverings from chair casters. If your floor tile or sheeting already shows signs of wear, contact Facilities Services or your building maintenance unit to assess the condition. They can determine if the floor covering contains asbestos and the best way to clean, refinish or repair it. EH&S works with facilities departments to evaluate and control any potential risk from asbestos containing materials.