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EH&S Launches New Strategic Plan
by Colleen Pike

image courtesy of Development Works PhotosThe Environmental Health and Safety Department (EH&S) completed its strategic plan in November 2012 selecting strategic priorities in four areas - Safety Culture, Compliance, Learning and Growth, and Financial Sustainability. EH&S partnered with the Organizational Effectiveness Initiative (OEI) consultants to develop and implement a strategy planning approach. This work was conducted in phases which included collecting and analyzing information from stakeholders; updating the mission, vision and values; determining strategic priorities and implementation timelines; and building the infrastructure in EH&S for ongoing improvement and sustained success.

EH&S assessed its future focus using input from the EH&S Review Committee, Research Roadmap, EH&S Advisory Board, and client and staff surveys.  The planning process included a departmental retreat to discuss survey data, opportunities to gain new ideas, and EH&S staff working groups to help identify major goals. 

The four EH&S strategic priorities to reach by 2016 are described below:

  • Safety Culture - The UW community incorporates safety into their programs and planning utilizing EH&S guidelines.
  • Compliance - EH&S supports coordinated outreach, training, and programs that provide a pathway for the UW to assure compliance, health, and safety. 
  • Learning and Growth - EH&S retains and attracts highly qualified professionals who are service oriented, accountable and meet current and future UW health and safety needs.
  • Financial Sustainability - EH&S develops a sustainable financial model that is aligned with strategic goals, prioritized risk mitigation, and organizational effectiveness.

EH&S will also launch two additional initiatives to inform and support the Safety Culture and Compliance priorities:

  • Outreach - Develop coordinated outreach materials that address all applicable EH&S compliance issues for all clients to ensure consistency and quality of outreach materials.
  • Training – Evaluate program and courses to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

EH&S is creating teams focusing on each of these strategic priorities and initiating process improvements using Lean approaches to improve services and ensure efficiencies are realized.  We extend our appreciation to all of the participants who provided input on the strategic planning and will continue to support the implementation of our strategic goals.  Your participation will make a difference in meeting our shared responsibility to provide a healthy and safe place for advancing learning, teaching, research and service.

EH&S will hold a department-wide retreat in the fall of 2013 to report on the major milestones accomplished this year.

For more information on the strategic goals, outcomes, and measures please refer to http://www.ehs.washington.edu/pso/index.shtm.

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