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2012 Laboratory Safety Manual Revision Complete
by Stuart Cordts

The 2012 revisions to the UW Laboratory Safety Manual are complete. The major changes are summarized below. For more detailed information, please refer to the Log of Changes.

  • Section 4: Additional information about the new “Lab Entry Caution Sign” and changes to the frequency of fume hood certification.
  • Section 7: Revised completely to update wording and make it consistent with regulations, also clarifying that chemical safety training is required for all personnel who work in laboratories where hazardous chemicals are present.
  • Other minor updates were made throughout the manual. Appendix D: Example SOP and Appendix H: Particularly Hazardous Substances were moved to the EH&S Web site so future revisions could be made more easily and in a more timely fashion.

Future changes to the manual will be made annually and also when there is a change in policy, procedures, or contact information. In order to keep the Laboratory Safety Manual more current, the manual will be maintained on the EH&S Web site in electronic format. If you have questions or comments about the Laboratory Safety Manual, please forward them to the UW Chemical Hygiene Officer in the EH&S Department at 206.543.7388 or


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