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Hazardous Waste Compliance Inspection by the Washington State Department of Ecology – Seattle Campus
by David Lundstrom, Assistant Director, Environmental Health and Safety

The Washington State Department of Ecology will inspect the Seattle campus for hazardous waste compliance in late August. EH&S staff will escort the inspectors, who may enter any laboratory, clinic, shop, or other area that uses hazardous materials. If an inspector arrives at your facility unescorted by EH&S, please call EH&S Environmental Programs at 206-616-5835.

The inspectors usually ask to speak with the person responsible for hazardous waste management in the facility, and they will request to see where waste is accumulated. They will inspect waste containers, looking at the condition of the containers, proper labeling of contents and hazards, accumulation dates, and storage practices. They will ask about emergency procedures in the event of a spill or fire. They will ask people about their waste management knowledge, such as how waste is collected, and might also ask to see training records.

Several resources are available to learn more about properly managing hazardous waste and preparing for inspections:

For questions regarding hazardous waste management, call 206-616-5835, or visit our website.

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