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Enhancing a Culture of Safety: The New University Health and Safety Policy and Responsibilities
by Jude Van Buren, Director, Environmental Health & Safety

President Michael Young approved a revised UW health and safety policy, Executive Order No. 55, which emphasizes that ALL campus personnel are responsible for safety. This policy clarifies the role of all UW organizational units and individuals in meeting their health and safety responsibilities.

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Hazardous Waste Compliance Inspection by the Washington State Department of Ecology – Seattle Campus
by David Lundstrom, Assistant Director, Environmental Health and Safety

The Washington State Department of Ecology will inspect the Seattle campus for hazardous waste compliance in late August. EH&S staff will escort the inspectors, who may enter any laboratory, clinic, shop, or other area that uses hazardous materials. If an inspector arrives at your facility unescorted by EH&S, please call EH&S Environmental Programs at 206-616-5835.

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West Nile Virus Update: August 2013
by Charles Easterberg, Public Health Advisor

This spring has been somewhat warmer than many, and sampling indicates that mosquito life cycles on the West Side are progressing rapidly. The current hot weather has produced the season’s first big hatch of adult mosquitoes.

One human case of West Nile Virus (WNV) has been confirmed in Washington so far this year (acquired out-of-state), but six WNV-positive mosquito pools have been found in Benton and Yakima counties, a month earlier than last year.

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Hazard Alert: Check the Shelf Clips in Your Flammable Materials Cabinets
by Peter Lang, Respirator Program Administrator and Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

Two shelf clip failures have occurred on campus in the last two years, resulting in flammable chemical spills. Now, and at regular frequencies, is a good time to check the shelf clips in all of your flammable materials cabinets.

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Proper Disposal of Dry Solid Long-lived Radioactive Waste
by Phil Campbell, Radiation Safety Officer

If you have radioactive waste in your UW facility, following the instructions for properly disposing of it helps protect people and the environment from hazards. When packaging dry radioactive waste for disposal, make sure the box does not include liquid radioactive waste.

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Green Lab Certification
by Caileigh Shoot, Green Laboratory Certification Coordinator

The recently launched University of Washington Green Laboratory Certification Program encourages staff, faculty, and students to make their laboratories more sustainable by following a set of best practices.

Any member of a campus department can participate in an informal audit process of laboratory practices. The short online survey allows you to see what steps your laboratory is already taking to be green and areas where your laboratory can improve.

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