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Summer Laboratory Safety Update
by EH&S Research and Occupational Safety



The UW Laboratory Safety Manual  states the following: “In the laboratory, do not wear open-toed shoes, sandals, shorts, nylon hose, cropped tops, or any other apparel that leaves skin exposed and unprotected. All loose clothing should be confined to avoid easily catching fire, dipping into chemicals, or becoming entangled in moving machinery."

Here are some ways to help you stay cool during the summer and still keep yourself protected:

  • Bring a pair of long pants to the lab and change prior to beginning work.
  • Leave a pair of closed toe shoes in the lab to change into at the beginning of the work day.
  • If your lab is uncomfortably warm, contact your supervisor or PI to check with Facilities Services about adjusting the temperature.

Wishing you a happy and stay-safe summer!

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