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Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP) Lean Initiative
by Colleen Pike

EH&S began using Lean in 2012 as an approach to build a shared culture and find ways to become more flexible, efficient, and customer focused.  This approach engages staff to identify and solve problems, involves the customer to define value, and develops measures to ensure success.    

In March of 2013, the director of EH&S, Jude Van Buren, with support from Finance and Facilities, led the HSIP program staff and some of our school clients in a process improvement effort (Lean) to ensure the program meets the needs of our clients as well as streamlines processes to be more efficient and keep the program budget neutral.  Dave Anderson, the Executive Director of Health Sciences Administration served as the Executive Sponsor of this effort and is providing continuing oversight and support to the program in its improvement efforts.  Laura Ellis from the School of Medicine has agreed to serve as a client representative and provide initial input to define expectations for HSIP customer services.  

The HSIP within the Campus Health Services (CHS) section began reporting to EH&S in May of 2012.  HSIP provides services to seven Health Sciences (HS) schools and is funded by fees paid by students in those schools. Services include immunizations, documentation review, and blood borne pathogen follow up for the students, schools and, ultimately, contracted clinical rotation sites that provide experiential education for HS students.  HSIP reviews students’ documentation of immunizations for compliance with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  HSIP communicates compliance status to schools prior to and during placement at practicum or clinical sites of practice.  HSIP also organizes annual flu shot and TB skin testing clinics for HS students. Meeting deadlines has been challenging

Goals for the HSIP Lean initiative include reducing the amount of time processing forms, scheduling clinic appointments sooner, and engaging with the schools to define expectations for the HSIP.      

This summer, status reports will be posted on the EH&S website at  providing updates on the progress of the HSIP and other new initiatives.

Additional information on the HSIP is available at

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