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EH&S News is a bimonthly newsletter for UW faculty, staff, and students. The newsletter focuses on resources that support the UW safety culture, helpful safety information, and updates on the Environmental Health and Safety department.


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Current Edition of EH&S News

December 6, 2017

December 2017 issue

    In this edition:
  • Submitting Routine Waste Collection Requests in MyChem
  • The 2017-2018 UW Laboratory Safety Manual (LSM)
  • HazCom contractor guide
  • Kidde fire extinguisher recall
  • Changes to Hazardous Waste Collection Form
  • Lab Survey Dashboard enhancements
  • Food Safety Tips for the Holidays
  • Workplace Safety in the Holiday Season

October 3, 2017

October 2017 issue

    In this edition:
  • Accident Prevention Plan (APP)
  • Working Safely with Dry Ice
  • Free Hazardous Waste Collection
  • Mercury Thermometers ‘Swap’ Program
  • Biannual Health and Safety Committee (HSC) Elections
  • October is National Biosafety Month – Sharps Safety and Exposure Response Focus
  • Sharps Safety in Research
  • New Exposure Response Poster
  • Chemical Waste Container Explosion – Lessons Learned

August 2017

    In this Edition
  • Gear Up for Summer Lab Work
  • SAVE THE DATE: Laboratory Safety Seminar
  • EH&S Website Redesign Coming Soon
  • Lab Safety Award Program
  • Common Hazardous Waste Mistakes
  • When to Go to the Employee Health Center
  • EH&S Welcomes New Fire Life Safety Coordinator
  • Upcoming Safety Training

May 2017

    In this Edition
  • Are You at Risk for Chemical-Induced Hearing Loss?
  • New Hydroflouric Acid Safety Training
  • Has Your Lab Earned the New Lab Safety Award?
  • No Cardboard in Bio Labs
  • Updated Lab Safety Training Requirements
  • Defribillator Saved a Professor's Life
  • Smoke in Designated Areas Only
  • EH&S Welcomes New Fire Safety Manager
  • Upcoming Safety Training

February 2017

    In this Edition
  • Easy Chemical Waste Collection
  • New Formaldehyde Safety Training
  • FREE Radioactive Waste Disposal
  • Updated UW Lab Safety Manual
  • Updated UW Biosafety Manual
  • UW Gets Notice of Correction for Missing Radiation Inventory Reports
  • SOPs vs. SDSs
  • FDA Bans Powdered Medical Gloves
  • New Indoor Air Quality Investigator's Guide
  • Battery Fire Risk in HP and Samsung Products
  • Work-Related Injury and Illness Summaries Online
  • EH&S Welcomes New Assistant Director
  • Upcoming Safety Training

EH&S News Archive

December 2016

    In this Edition
  • New Safety Resources for Maker Spaces
  • Don't Spread the Flu!
  • Graduate Students Build Culture of Safety
  • New Hazardous Material Shipping Regulations
  • Welcom New EH&S Staff
  • 12 Days of Safety
  • Upcoming Safety Training

October 2016

    In this Edition
  • October Is National Biosafety Month
  • Save a Life! New Procedures for Defibrillators
  • New School Year--New Focus on Lab Safety
  • Package Causes Serious Injury
  • New EH&S Staff Care About Your Safety
  • EH&S Website Re-Design
  • What's New

July 2016

    In this Edition
  • 3-D Printer Safety
  • Nitric Acid Incident on Campus
  • Gear Up for Summer Safety
  • UW Fire Drill Procedures Change
  • Animal Researchers: Meet HoverBoard
  • New Policy on Asbestos/Regulated Building Materials
  • Preparing for a Hazardous Waste Inspection
  • New Autoclave Safety Guidelines

April 2016

  • Is the Lithium Battery in Your Device Safe?
  • Your Health and Safety Committee
  • Preparing Your Laboratory for an Earthquake
  • Outdoor UW Events May Require a Permit
  • Do You Need a Temporary Food Permit for Your UW Event?
  • Staff Spotlight: John Kelly
  • What's New: New State Regulation of Radioactive Material, OSHA Announces Final Rule
  • Lowering Silica Exposure Limit

February 2016

  • UW Safety, Sustainability, and Preparedness Expo
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Laboratories
  • 2015 UW Work-Related Injury and Illness Summaries Now Online
  • Staff Spotlight: Rebecca Stenberg
  • What's New: New Chemical Waste Management Video, New EH&S Training Record Lookup

December 2015

  • Happy Holidays From EH&S
  • RSVP Now for UW Safety Expo in February
  • Project to Develop Ergonomic Solutions for Custodians
  • Disposing of Anesthetic Gas Absorbent Canisters
  • Sustainable Approach to Pest Control at the UW
  • Staff Spotlight: Joyce Chambers
  • What's New: New L&I Workplace Safety Poster, New Chemotherapy and Hazardous Drug Safety Web Page

September 2015

  • Time for a Lab Freezer Cleanout?
  • How to Prepare Your Lab for Chemical Spills
  • New Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC) Policy
  • Choose Your Health and Safety Committee Representative
  • New Lab Recycling Guide
  • Staff Spotlight: Sam Sublett
  • Events and Announcements: Laboratory Safety Seminar, EH&S at Dawg Daze, Newly Updated PI Guide, Training Transcript Update

June 2015

  • What to Expect if an Inspector Visits Your Work Area
  • Gear Up for Summer Lab Work
  • New Rates for Radioactive Waste Disposal and Radiation Detector Calibration
  • Help Prevent West Nile Virus
  • Staff Spotlight: Christa Gorski
  • Events and Announcements

April 2015

  • Lesson Learned: Nitrogen and Lithium Can Be Incompatible
  • New UW Shop Safety Program
  • New Lockout/Tagout Program to Protect UW Workers from Hazards
  • Disaster Response Teams Practice in Old Nuclear Reactor
  • Safety Portal Consolidates UW Safety Resources
  • Staff Spotlight: Ellen Morley
  • Announcements: Worker Memorial Day Event and CSHEMA Conference

February 2015

  • How to Safely Use Extension Cords
  • Take Care of Your Heart
  • 2014 UW Work-Related Injury and Illness Summaries Now Online
  • Staff Spotlight: Erin McKeown
  • What's New: Work Safely with Cyanides
  • Announcements: EH&S Expert Talks About Ergonomics at UW

December 2014

  • Happy Holidays From EH&S
  • How to Prepare for an Emergency in Your Building
  • Beware the Scamper of Little Feet: Avoiding Rats and Mice
  • Staying Healthy During Flu Season
  • Staff Spotlight: Mike Zittle
  • What's New: Tent Permits and 2014 Safety Manual Revisions

October 2014

  • Adults Need Vaccines, Too: Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones
  • New EH&S Poster to Help Identify and Package Sharps, Lab Glass, and Plastic Waste
  • Lead Recycling Program
  • Bring Safe Food Home for the Holidays
  • Follow These Tips for Prompt Pickup of Hazardous Waste
  • ORIS Training Record Lookup Improved
  • Staff Spotlight: Jeff Forister
  • Upcoming Event: UW Faculty and Staff Benefits Fair November 6

September 2014

  • Join UW Efforts This Month to Ensure Biosafety Stewardship
  • Annual Asbestos General Awareness Training Is No Longer Required for Most UW Employees
  • Smoke-Free Campus Policy Expands to Include E-Cigarettes
  • UW Ergonomics Program Gets a Boost With New Ergonomist
  • Avoid Injuries by Checking Your Ladder
  • Focus on Fire Safety This Fall
  • UW Leads the Way in Improving the Efficiency of Emissions Calculations
  • Staff Spotlight: Emma Corell
  • Upcoming Events: Dawg Daze and Whole U Speaker Series

June 2014

  • Lessons Learned: Lab Waste Spill Causes Building Evacuation
  • Repurposed Radioactive Sources Save Money and the Environment
  • When Do You Need a Respirator?
  • It's Almost West Nile Virus Season
  • EH&S Will Collect Your Hazardous Waste
  • Avoid Becoming a Picnic Basket Case
  • Staff Spotlight: Kevin Makinson
  • Events: Safety Stand Down Week

April 2014

  • Lessons Learned: Lab Staff Quickly Extinguish Fire
  • Have You Completed the New Required GHS Training?
  • Immunizations Are Not Just for Kids
  • Recycling and Disposal of Chemical Containers
  • Indoor Mold and Air Quality
  • EH&S Staff Spotlight: Charles Easterberg
  • What's New: New Form for Short-Lived Radioactive Waste in Laboratories
  • Upcoming Events

February 2014

  • Improving Communication for a Quicker Response: Lessons Learned from a Recent Fire on the Seattle Campus
  • New Chemical Safety Training Required by June 1, 2014
  • 2013 UW Work-Related Injury and Illness Summaries Now Online
  • Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • EH&S Expands Safety Training: More Online and Instructor-Led Courses
  • What's New: Online Ordering System for Radioactive Materials

December 2013

  • New Newsletter and EH&S Outreach Update
  • Recent Hazardous Material Spill on Seattle Campus
  • New Lab Safety Initiative Launched
  • Surge Protector Recall Due to Fire Hazard
  • Laser Safety Consultation
  • What's New: CAUTION: There's a New Biosafety Warning Sign in Town | New Online Chemical Waste Collection Form | September 2013 Edition of UW Laboratory Safety Manual | New Confined Space Safety Web Page

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