Include health and safety plans for research project plans/proposals

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Include health and safety plans in my research project plan/proposal

Researchers must consider important safety elements when planning a research project with potentially hazardous materials to protect the health and safety of all personnel involved in the project.

  • When completing the eGC1 application, you will need to determine the quantities and types of hazardous materials that may be utilized during the project. Depending on the types and quantities of materials, an application for use of biological materials, radiation, animals, human genes or other authorizations may be necessary to complete the eGC1 application.
  • The cost of purchasing safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) should be included in the budget of the project proposal.
  • Assign a lab manager or chemical hygiene officer to ensure that the lab is compliant with all health and safety mandates.
  • If select biological agents, radiation or animals are used for a research project, all personnel should be enrolled in medical surveillance.
  • The PI should review her or his responsibilities as a supervisor and encourage all personnel to complete the required and recommended safety training courses. It is the PI’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment to conduct research.
  • You will find detailed information below with links to tools and resources to develop a plan that protects the health and safety of all personnel involved with the project.

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