Close out a laboratory and dispose of hazardous waste

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Close out my laboratory and dispose of hazardous waste

Researchers must consider important safety elements when closing out a research project. Proper disposal of potentially hazardous materials is essential to protect the health and safety of the campus community.

Whether your laboratory is being completely vacated or partially vacated due to remodeling, you must leave the laboratory in a clean and safe condition for the new occupants or construction crews. Prior to vacating a laboratory, you must remove all chemicals, biological materials, radiological materials, and any other hazardous materials and you must decontaminate all work surfaces. You must also remove all equipment (unless arrangements have been otherwise) and any garbage or other items that will not be wanted by the new occupants.

The responsibilities of the Principal Investigator, Department, Project Manager (if there is one) and EH&S are listed in Section 10 of the Laboratory Safety Manual [link to PDF].

Use our Moving Out Checklist in Appendix E of the Laboratory Safety Manual [link to PDF]as a tool for making sure that all requirements associated with moving out are completed. Thorough planning of a laboratory move is essential.

Last but not least, before you leave, fill out, sign and post inside on of the doors to your laboratory UoW 1800, Notice of Laboratory Moveout. This form show that you followed all directions and left the laboratory clean for the next occupants (or for Facilities Services if you are vacating for renovation.)

You will find detailed information below to with links to tools and resources to close out a research project safely


EH&S Services

EH&S collaborates with departments and researchers to provide services to assist in maintaining compliance with federal, state and University requirements for safety.

We are available to assist with some aspects of closing out your laboratory. We provide researchers with tools and resources for closing out a laboratory, including a move-out safety checklist, and removal and disposal of chemical waste.

Close out a research project


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