Lab Survey Score Calculations

Survey score calculations are based on a survey's answers to 30 target questions (listed below) derived from the checklist. These target questions address the most pressing issues related to lab safety.

The survey score is calculated by counting the "Yes" answers to the survey's target questions and dividing that number by the sum of its "Yes" and "No" answer counts; formula: (Y/(Y+N))*100.

Survey Survey Date Yes No Score
2203 03-Nov-15 23 3 88

Note that questions answered 'NA' are not included in the calculation and do not affect the score.

Target Questions

Ques # Question
Administrative Plans/Materials
1 Do the lab staff have access to the current version of the UW Lab Safety Manual?
3 Do all lab personnel have access to written SOPs that document safety procedures?
Hazard Communication

Has the lab’s chemical inventory been reviewed and updated within the last year?

13 Can all lab staff readily access an MSDS/SDS via MYCHEM or hardcopy in the lab?
14 Are all containers clearly labeled with their contents and primary hazard(s)?
Lab Training
15 Has a safety training assessment been completed for laboratory staff, students, and volunteers?
16 Has EH&S safety training been completed and documented for laboratory staff, students, and volunteers?
17 Has lab specific training been completed and documented?
Personal Protective Equipment

Has a PPE hazard assessment been completed for all laboratory activities?

19 Have all lab personnel completed PPE Training?
Emergency Kits
21 Does the laboratory have access to chemical/biological spill kits?
22 Do lab staff have access to a fully stocked first-aid kit?
23 Is food and drink prohibited in laboratory areas?
Emergency Eyewash/Showers
24 Are eyewashes and showers accessible within ten seconds travel (approx. 50 ft.)?
25 Are eyewashes and showers free of obstructions?

Are fume hoods kept uncluttered and are rear ventilation slots within the hood not blocked or covered?

Hazardous Waste and Disposal
31 Are incompatible chemical wastes segregated by hazard class?
32 Are all chemical waste containers labeled with a completed UW hazardous waste label?
Chemical Storage/Process

Are hazardous material quantities within limits allowed by the Fire Code?

37 If flammable liquids are stored in a refrigerator, are they in a refrigerator approved for flammable (or explosive) liquids?
40 Are incompatible chemicals segregated when they are being stored?
41 Are hazardous materials storage cabinets properly labeled and in good condition?
42 Are chemicals stored on the floor in DOT approved carboys, metal containers, or glass containers provided with secondary containment?
45 Are opened peroxide forming compounds labeled with the date they were opened and with an expiration date?
46 Is the lab free of chemicals that are old and no longer needed?
Compressed Gas Cylinders, Cryogen, and LPG
50 Are compressed gas cylinders secured to prevent them from falling or tipping?
Biological safety
51 If the lab works with biohazards involving recombinant DNA, human or non-human primate material, or pathogenic agents, does it have a Biological Use Authorization?
Electrical Safety
64 Are extension cords used only as temporary wiring and not running under carpets, doors, or through walls and ceilings?
Exit Access and Corridors
73 Are aisles and exits within the laboratory space free of clutter and obstructions?
Seismic Safety

Are chemical containers stored safely on shelves with lips or in a closed cabinet to prevent them from falling in an earthquake?