About Compliance Inspections

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The Fire Department performs periodic compliance surveys of University buildings. For the main campus the Seattle Fire department conducts their inspections without an escort from EH&S or organizational unit. Fire Department inspections are performed under the authority of the International Fire Code and may be unannounced. Violation generally need to be addressed within a few weeks. Serious violation must be addressed immediately. All violations are tracked by the regulatory agency and EH&S until corrected. The SFD reinspects all identified violations to confirm the problem has been corrected.

EH&S will work with University departments to verify that deficiencies are valid and seek Fire Department approval for alternate solutions for departments when necessary.

Repeated violations, serious health and safety risks, failure to correct a deficiency in a timely manner and other serious matters may result in a written Order to Comply, which in Seattle includes a $100 re-inspection fee. The Fire Department may also choose to write a more serious Citation that could result in severe civil penalties and a court appearance for the responsible party.

Fire Department methods vary from one locality to another. Administrators for facilities not located at the main campus are responsible for receipt of notices, orders and citations. This task should be assigned to a designated person who will work with EH&S. EH&S should be notified following receipt of an Order, Citation, or other serious violations, or if there is conflict with the Fire Department or other agency regulating fire safety. The authorities having jurisdiction for enforcing the Fire Code at University facilities are as follows:

UW Seattle & Other Seattle Facilities
Seattle Fire Department


UW Bothell

Bothell Fire Department


UW Tacoma

Tacoma Fire Department


Friday Harbor Labs, Friday Harbor,
San Juan Island

San Juan County


Pack Experimental Forest,

Pierce County Fire Department


Manastash Ridge Observatory

Kittitas County


Big Beef Creek, Seabeck

Kitsap County Fire Prevention Bureau/Fire Marshal's Office


Olympic National Resources,

Clallam County