Fire Safety Director Responsibilities

The Fire Safety Director acts as the liaison with the responding emergency service, EH&S and others if a building emergency occurs. In their absence the alternates are responsible for carrying out the requirements. If an emergency happens when these members of the department are not available, the most senior employee will have decision-making authority.

  1. Prepare and maintain their building Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan (EEOP).
  2. Coordinate with building/department administrators responsible for employee, student, and visitor health and safety.
  3. Assign evacuation wardens (and alternates) for all areas of the building and insure that they know what their duties are in case of an evacuation. Evacuation warden orientation is required when there are changes of personnel. A current list of evacuation wardens and alternates is to be maintained in the building's EEOP (See Appendix A).
  4. For high rise buildings, attend the "High–Rise Building and Life Safety" program provided by the Seattle Fire Department. New Evacuation Directors and Alternates may register for this class by phoning 386-1335, and should notify the EH&S Training Section at 543-7201 when training has been completed.
  5. Assure public event staff for events with occupancy of 300 or greater are assigned duties and receive required training.
  6. Assure classroom instructors inform students about emergency procedures, exits routes, and assembly points on the first day of class.
  7. Schedule "Evacuation Warden Training" for assigned personnel.
  8. Schedule, conduct, and record fire drills as required by the Seattle Fire Code and WAC 296-24. (See Procedures for Planning and Scheduling Fire Drills and Building Procedures for Conducting, Critiquing and Recording Fire Drills, also see appendix K of the Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan (MS Word))
  9. Review the emergency plan at least annually and confirm that it is current.
  10. Assure emergency services, UWPD, FOMS, SFD, and EH&S, are notified for all building emergencies as appropriate.
  11. During a fire alarm, report to the fire command center and act as a liaison with responding emergency services and do the following:
    • Receive status reports from area floor wardens.
    • Provide information about the building layout, systems, processes, and special hazards to Facilities Services, SFD, UWPD, and other emergency personnel.
    • Help the Facilities Services Personnel (FOMS), and the Seattle Fire Department in the operation of the Fire Alarm Panel if required.
    • Coordinate with key building administrators on building occupation and operation issues.
    • Assign Evacuation Wardens or other assigned personnel, as needed, to be stationed by all other building entrances to prevent unsuspecting personnel from reentering the building. When an "ALL CLEAR" determination is made by the fire or police department, the Evacuation Director notifies the evacuation wardens that the occupants may reenter the building.