Preparing for the Drill


Meet with Evacuation Director and Evacuation Wardens to:

  1. Review procedures, duties, and evacuation routes as outlined in the plan
  2. Determine who will participate in the drill
  3. Confirm participants are familiar the plan
  4. Establish a date and time for drill that is convenient but assures appropriate participation

Notification and Technical Assistance

  1. Call Campus Operation’s  at 206.685.1471 or 206.685.1409 to arrange for a technician to activate the alarm system and reset it after the drill.
  2. Notify UWPD of the time and date of the drill.
  3. Publicize the drill event to building occupants:
  • Approximately three days before the drill, post notices in conspicuous locations informing all occupants of the time and date of the drill. Notification via email and other means is also encouraged.

Day Before Drill

Prepare any special props for the drill (optional)

  1. Cardboard flames or balloon for location of fire
  2. Cardboard smoke barriers to indicate blocked corridors and/or stairways

Confirm responsibility roles with players

  1. Building staff (fire safety director and floor wardens)
  2. Campus Operations--to activate the alarm system