Evacuation Warden Duties

  1. Be familiar with the "Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan" (EEOP) for your building. It contains the function and activities of building staff during many emergencies, how these activities are to mesh with responding emergency personnel, information on the building and its emergency protection systems, emergency equipment testing procedures, and a list of all the evacuation wardens in your building. Your Evacuation Director will have copies of the EEOP available for use.
  2. Distribute copies of the completed plan, or appropriate sections of it, to all people in your area of responsibility.
  3. Know where persons with disabilities are located in your area and what their alarm response will be (See Evacuation for Persons with Disabilities). Areas of Refuge or individual rooms may be used by persons with mobility disabilities during a fire alarm. The Areas of Refuge may be identified on your evacuation plans. If you have a staff member with a mobility disability and cannot find an appropriate area of refuge, contact EH&S Building and Fire Safety at (206) 543-0465.
  4. Coordinate with the other Evacuation Wardens on your floor to work together and avoid duplication of tasks.
  5. Walk over your primary and secondary evacuation routes at least once to familiarize yourself with emergency exits and routes to the re-assembly area.
  6. Attend training sessions and meetings to review procedures and duties, if necessary. EH&S and SFD offer Evacuation Warden training sessions regularly.
  7. Know where hazardous conditions or situations in your area may exist. Know the general nature of the area and location of flammable, radioactive and other hazardous materials.
  8. Know where the phones and pull stations are how to activate the alarm.
  9. Know how the alarm system responds. For most low rise buildings, the alarm sounds throughout the building and all occupants, except persons with physical disabilities, must evacuate.
  10. Account for staff and others as practical and report persons unaccounted for to your Evacuation Director and emergency responders.