Emergency Planning

All departments must develop a written Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan (EEOP) to address emergencies that are reasonably expected in the workplace, including fire, earthquake, uncontained chemical spill, bomb threat and suspicious packages. The plan must include assignments and training of evacuation wardens. Wardens must be able to account for occupants following evacuation. When several departments occupy space in a building the plan(s) must be coordinated among those departments.

You can customize the EH&S Model Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan (Word) for your department. Instructions are on the third page of the plan. For assistance, call EH&S at (206) 543-0465.

EH&S also provides evacuation floor warden training. This classroom training course will teach you the building evacuation warden duties in the event of a fire or other building emergency. The course covers building alarm signals, evacuation routes, areas of refuge, exterior assembly areas, and procedures for evacuation. For more information and to register for an open enrollment course, please see our training page.

EH&S is available to provide consultation on developing a written emergency and evacuation plan for your building and to help you plan an evacuation drill. Our current focus is to help department who have done little planning and preparation. We may not have the capacity to be on site when you conduct your annual evacuation drill.