Emergency Planning

All departments must develop a written Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan (EEOP) to address emergencies that are reasonably expected in the workplace, including fire, earthquake, uncontained chemical spill, bomb threat and suspicious packages. The plan must include assignments and training of evacuation wardens. Wardens must be able to account for occupants following evacuation. When several departments occupy space in a building the plan(s) must be coordinated among those departments.

You can customize the EH&S Model Emergency Evacuation and Operations Plan (MS Word) for your department. Instructions are on the third page of the plan. For assistance, call EH&S at 206.616.5519.

EH&S also provides evacuation floor warden training upon request. This training covers the duties of the floor warden before, during and after emergencies, how the building alarm system and emergency response systems work, and when and how to evacuate. For more information please email ehsdept@uw.edu or call EH&S at at 206.616.5519.

Campus Progress Report for Emergency Preparedness

Departments that have completed all three steps of department level emergency preparedness (completed EEOP, assigned and trained evacuation wardens and conducted an evacuation drill) have a "gold star" status and their buildings are highlighted in gold on the campus emergency preparedness map. Those who have completed one or two steps have a "silver star" status to show progress and their buildings are highlighted in green on the map. Please call EH&S at 206.616.5519 to request a copy of the map.