Shop Improvements

Upon completing surveys and observations, recommendations for shop improvements were made in various shops. The examples below have descriptions of the various improvements completed and the significance of the improvement.

Ventilation Improvements

Art Carpentry Shop

Art Shop

The Art Carpentry Shop has much less wood cutting particles on the floor after the installation of the new equipment.

Art Shop panel saw

A new panel saw was bought. This machine hooks up to the cyclone in two places. One of the tubes hooks up near the blade while the other is at the bottom of the panel saw at the end of a containment trough that allows the dust not collected by the first tube to be collected by the second one. This significantly decreases the amount of dust that is spread.

pre-improvement state

The picture above shows the amount of wood dust in the shop before any improvements were made.

band saw

It was not possible to retrofit some machines to be able to hook them up to cyclones. As a result, some new machines, such as this band saw, were purchased to ensure safety.

Oceanography Teaching Shop

exhaust filtration unit

Pictured is an exhaust filtration unit used by welders in order to maintain good air quality and have proper ventilation.

Ceramic Metal Arts - Wax Room and Woodshop

fume hood

Above is a new fume hood installed in the wax room to prevent inhalation and spread of wax fumes into the room.

melting wax under the hood
view of hood's venting
Above, wax melting is completed under the hood (left) and the hood vents outside (right).

dust particle collecting equipment

Dust particle collecting equipment (above center) connects to multiple machines. Some machines have individual filters attached, such as the sander pictured here on the right (by orange arrow).

ceiling-mounted dust particle collecting equipment

The filter that is attached to the ceiling filters out the particles that may have escaped into the air. Also, the amount of dust on pipes, walls, and beams decreased significantly after the installation of improvements.

down-draft table

This down-draft table helps to ensure that particles do not escape into the air while sanding using a palm sander is underway.

dust bag collecting device

A dust bag collecting device was attached to an existing machine to help decrease the amount of dust particles in the air.

Electrical Improvements

Oceanography Teaching Shop

view of Oceanography's teaching shop

This is the current view of the Oceanography Teaching Shop. It no longer has extension cords running throughout the shop and the visibility has been increased by the new lighting fixtures.

grounded receptacles
grounded receptacles
All new grounded receptacles increase safety and have allowed for the elimination of extension cords that previously created hazards.

view of Oceanography's teaching shop's new lights

New light fixtures installed to increase visibility.