Guardrail and Handrail Improvements

In July 2009, a report addressing the findings in guards, handrails, and surfaces was completed via an assessment of slip, trip, and fall hazards. From this report, there were a number of guard, guardrail, and handrail findings. The list was made with risk priority ratings referencing the International Building Code, WISHA, OSHA, and University worker safety policies. The ratings have helped in determining which findings to address first with capital improvements, maintenance, and administrative controls. Some of the capital improvement projects that have been completed are shown below.

Roberts Hall Bridge

Roberts/Mueller Hall Bridge Guardrails prevent 17-foot falls on both sides. The bridge connects that building to the campus and many people cross it for gaining access to the building. With high volumes of students and visitors the risk for injury is increased, as well as dim lighting during evening hours. In order to address the problem, guardrails were installed to match the architecture of the building and to preserve the vegetation and landscaping.
Project Completed: March 2012

Schmitz guardrails

Schmitz Hall guardrails on the southwest corner of the building were installed to prevent falls from up to 16'9". Before the guardrail improvements, the ledge on the corner was used for sitting and no backrest was present.
Project Completed: June, 2010

Meany Hall Guardrails
Meany Hall guardrails Meany Hall guardrails

Meany Hall Guardrails prevent 10' to 20' falls. The area is near red square and is a very public area. With the original guardrails unsupervised small children could have been at risk.
Project Completed: May, 2013

K-Wing Guardrails

K-wing Court Guardrails were installed to prevent gardeners from falling more than 20 feet. The absence of a barrier presented a hazard to those that take care of the vegetation.
Project Completed: August 2012

UW Faculty Club

UW Faculty Club Guard installed at the back of a bench to make sure that those sitting on the bench do not fall backwards. The guardrail prevents a fall of more than 7'10".
Project Completed: February, 2014

Burke Museum Burke Museum
Burke Museum

Burke Museum Guardrails and handrails prevent falls. Many visitors come to the Burke Museum and the improvements were necessary in order to ensure public safety, especially for children and the elderly.
Project Completed: May, 2011

Suzzallo handrails

Suzzallo Library Entrance handrails aid in ascending the stair case. Previously there were no handrails and this created a safety concern in a high volume area.
Project completed: 2006

UW Club handrails

Handrail installed on the UW Faculty Club ramp. This area has many visitors. The handrail was installed for safety when ascending the ramp and was retrofitted with wood to fit the design of the building.
Project Completed: December, 2013