Chemicals requiring EH&S notification before shipment

The chemicals listed below are regulated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the recent Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards because of their dangerous qualities.

These chemicals cannot be shipped or transported without notifying EH&S in advance at 206.616.0585. EH&S is responsible for reporting to DHS all UW shipments of these chemicals. The implications of failing to report shipment are very serious.

If you work with any of these chemicals, you must also attach a warning label, shown at right, which reminds lab staff that the chemical can't be shipped without prior EH&S notification. Labels are available from EH&S.

If you wish to dispose of these chemicals, please submit a Chemical Collection Request to EH&S. Please update your chemical inventory in MyChem accordingly. Acetone cyanohydrins (stabilized), aluminum phosphide, and phosphorus pentasulfide  must be treated before collection. Contact EH&S for details about these chemicals before filling out the Chemical Collection Request.

chemicals to be reported to eh&s before shipment
Chemical CAS #
Acetone cyanohydrin, stabilized 75-86-5
Aluminum phosphide 20859-73-8
Boron tribromide10294-33-4
Bromine pentafluoride7789-30-2
Bromine trifluoride7787-71-5
Calcium phosphide1305-99-3
Chlorine dioxide10049-04-4
Chloroacetyl chloride79-04-9
Chlorosulfonic acid7790-94-5
Lithium amide7782-89-0
Lithium nitride26134-62-3
Magnesium phosphide12057-74-8
Phosphorus oxychloride10025-87-3
Phosphorus pentasulfide 1314-80-3
Phosphorus trichloride7719-12-2
Potassium phosphide20770-41-6
Sodium phosphide12058-85-4
Strontium phosphide12504-16-4
Sulfuryl chloride7791-25-5
Titanium tetrachloride7550-45-0