Material Safety Data Sheets/Safety Data Sheets

State and federal laws require that all supervisors provide ready access to Material Safety Data Sheets/Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDSs) for the chemicals that their employees use.

MyChem stores almost 400,000 MSDS/SDSs, which you can link to each of your inventoried chemicals for easier access. But you do not need a MyChem account to view and print MSDS/SDSs.

MyChem MSDS/SDS tips:

  • Employees must have direct and ready access to MSDS/SDSs. Even if you use MyChem, you should keep paper copies of all MSDS/SDSs in your workplace, in an accessible location, in case of emergencies. If employees do not have the ability or desire to use computers or MyChem, you must have paper copies of the MSDS/SDSs readily available to them.
  • A few MSDS/SDSs listed in MyChem are available in paper form only. If you get a message that the MSDS/SDS you need is not available online, request a copy via MyChem.
  • If you receive an MSDS/SDS that is not yet in MyChem, make a copy of it and send the original to "EH&S MSDS/SDS Coordinator, Box 354110".

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