Spills Management


If the chemical spill endangers other people outside your workspace or might cause a fire, pull the nearest fire alarm to initiate evacuation and call the local fire department. Call 911 as soon as you are safe to let emergency personnel know what happened. Stay available to help emergency personnel.

If the spill caused serious injury or exposure, call 911 from any phone or location (except call 3000 at Harborview Medical Center.)

Spills cleanup

If the spill is contained and there is no immediate risk of injury, then decide whether or not you will be able to clean up the spill yourself by visiting the following webpages:

Spills preparedness

Prevent spills by practicing good housekeeping and using secondary containment where possible. Stay alert. Prevent exposures by wearing gloves, protective gowns or outerwear, goggles or face mask, and anything else that will keep the spilled material from reaching you. Work in a fume hood with the sash as low as possible. Finally, don't work alone if possible, especially on weekends when no one else is there to help you in the event of an emergency.

Be ready to clean up spills. Write spills cleanup procedures as a part of your Standard Operating Procedures. Have appropriate spill kits accessible (see the spills cleanup pages above for more about spill kits.) Know their location and how to use them. Your UW Laboratory Safety Manual has information about writing SOPs. See

Accident reporting

You must report accidents and "near-misses" with the Online Accident Reporting System (OARS).