Find your safety training courses easily with a new tool

The General Health and Safety Course Selection Tool is a new comprehensive guide that will help supervisors and employees determine which health and safety courses to take. The guide is a task-based, accurate way to determine which courses are most relevant to address the hazards specific to an employee's individual work environment. After selecting the tasks specific to the employee, the tool will provide a list of required and recommended training courses that can be printed or emailed.


Air quality alert

The National Weather Service announced an air quality alert for Western Washington through 12 p.m.. on Thursdat, 8/23. The Environmental Protection Agency’s air quality index in the Seattle and Tacoma areas is in the “unhealthy” category, meaning that “everyone may begin to experience health effects; members of sensitive groups graphic image showing that low level of activity is okay for everyonemay experience more health effects.”


BD Vacutainer Medical Device Correction Notice 2


"BD has recently determined that the curing agent thiuram, used in the processing of rubber stoppers since 1996, can lead to release of carbon disulfide (CS2) and carbonyl sulfide (COS) gases into the headspace of the tubes. Laboratories should follow FDA's May 17, 2017 safety communication for testing lead levels, which recommends that no venous blood should be tested with Magellan's LeadCare test systems."


BD Vacutainer Medical Device Correction Notice 1


"BD has confirmed that approximately 3.4% of BD Vacutainer(TM) Plus Plastic Citrate Blood Collection Tubes (2.7mL, light blue top tube) will exhibit over fill draw volumes from approximately 11-14%. As per BDs Instructions for Use (IFU), the overfilling or under filling of tubes will result in an incorrect blood-to-additive ratio and can lead to incorrect analytic results or poor product performance."