Updated UW Lab Safety Manual

With the new quarter underway, researchers are developing their formulas for safety success!  Updates include additional resources to assess lab hazards, a link to a new lab safety responsibilities matrix, chemical storage, chemical shipments, training, sharps and other information.  A list of significant changes is highlighted in the log of changes.

Biohazard Warning Sign

The Biohazard Warning Sign restricts laboratory access during work with biohazards, communicates the agents in use, and specifies entry and exit requirements. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator or supervisor to properly identify and restrict access to the laboratory and to notify emergency and support personnel of any hazards in the laboratory.

Set up a compliant laboratory

Researchers must consider important safety elements when setting up a research project with potentially hazardous materials to protect the health and safety of all personnel involved in the project.

EH&S provides researchers with tools and resources for setting up a new laboratory, including:

  • A move-in checklist.

  • Templates for standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  • Plans for reducing the risk of spills, accidents and injuries while storing and handling hazardous chemicals.

Laboratory Safety Surveys


Laboratory safety surveys are routinely performed by EH&S safety professionals for all research and teaching laboratories. The purpose of these surveys is to assist researchers, employees and departments in identifying ways to:

  • Reduce the risk of injury and exposure

  • Decrease the risk of property loss

  • Lessen the likelihood of lost research

  • Minimize environmental damage